The Power of the Subconscious Mind

As we journey through life, having nature and nurture influence most decisions we make, we garner so much in our subconscious without even realizing, not until we begin to search for answers, facts and all.

The human mind is so vast that everything a man thinks can eventually manifest. Just like it is said in one of the books of the bible,(Proverbs 23:7) “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

René Descartes, a French Philosopher and father of Rationalism posits the ” ‘Corgito ergo sum’ which means ‘I think, therefore I am’ “

According to research, evidence shows that the mind goes far beyond the physical workings of the brain. The mind is defined as the seat of consciousness. For example, the conscious part of our brain which is the cerebrum has around 70000000000 neurons which makes it superior in number of neurons than cerebellum (the subconscious part or mind of humanbrain) which has only 30000000000 neurons.

Thoughts are energy according to research, and our subconscious mind can transport them to reality. The subconscious mind is said to be controlled not by the conscious mind nor ‘ “ will power but understanding and proper communication” ‘ according to M. Farouk Radwan, MSc. Anyone can become successful, healthy, wealthy and a lot of positivity knocking on the door just by knowing how to use the subconscious mind.

Working constantly to to understand the intentions of the subconscious mind can go a very long way because the conscious and subconscious mind do not work together and if there be conflict between the conscious and subconscious mind, there would never be any agreement. Just like M.Farouk asserted, you can make the subconscious mind starts trusting you again by forcing yourself to do what you didn’t do when the subconscious mind wanted you to. For example, taking conscious steps to reading a new book or following through a disciplined program whether you want to or not, with time, it will get to trust you again. Take a conscious step today!

Pay attention: you might be hurting that child

Childhood holds such sweet and beautiful memories which is to be cherished by parents/guardians. Humans amongst other living things experience childhood but once. It is such a time to behold the beauty of taking care of and the responsibility of nurturing an infact.

Years ago before the invention of black and white photos, children were told about their childhood but without any tangible material to show them what they looked like as kids. These days, it has become easier. Parents now see it as a thing of fun and engage to make/take clips/ pictures of very fun moments of their children as infants which they hold dearly.

An average Nigerian childhood experience differ from family to family. The family, as we know or were taught in school is the first point of socialization. Peer group, society etc also have their role to play in every individual child.

Babies, starts interaction with their mothers from conception to birth and then the first few years as infacts and then toddlers as well as teenagers before adulthood.

Some parents do not know how to treat their children or wards to be confident and how to handle life’s challenges. This could be as a result of factors which mostly is pain associated which some parents must have faced prior to the conception of the child especially mothers and so may transfer that pain to their young ones who did not ask to be born. The child could be as a result of rape and as such, seeing the child only reminds her of the agony, humiliation, disgust she must have faced even before confirming being pregnant.

Consciously or unconsciously, the hurt of the past is transferred to that child. Comparism sets in as a result of low self esteem which has not been dealt with. A child is scolded at the slightest provocation for what he or she knows nothing about; made to believe that their contemporaries are better than them. Eventually, the child may not have a healthy self esteem except ofcourse parents, teachers etc realize this and help the child. If there are no encouragements whatsoever from mothers or fathers, it may have effects on the child even without realizing. If you are a go- to parents to your child, it becomes almost impossible for them not to see themselves as good or even better than their mates. Words said to a child may not leave the child for in a long time and children do not easily forget unlike adults.

The physical, spiritual, emotional wellbeing and otherwise of children are a sole responsibility of parents before teachers or society. The way a parent treats his child, goes a long way to show how the child interacts with his family, peers and society at large.

Build love, friendship and those cute stuffs that you wished you ever had with your child and be amazed how that how far that can go in shaping the child.

Understand your hair Type and Right products

West African women especially Nigerian women struggle with hair maintenance. It is a fact that some black women struggle to be comfortable on their natural hair as a result of breakages on their hairline or other factors. Hence, the need to relieve the hair of its natural state. With the introduction of relaxing kits, abuse has become inevitable.

Most times, women who use different hair relaxing kits or products in a bid to make their hair better in texture and sheen get disappointed which was never bargained.

Why you should know your hair type and use the right products

Women in this part of the world used to be known for flaunting their natural hair with different beautiful hairstyles like cornrows, okuku and so on until the introduction of hair relaxer. Tribes were easily identified by the kind and choice of hair their women wear as there were no hair extensions of any sort at that time. They embraced their black afro hair so much that they were adorned with attractive beads and other hair accesories while to some it was a daily struggle to ‘shine’ like their mates. The introduction of hair extensions of different sorts helps the 21st century woman to make choices from varieties at her disposal.

While the afro hair appears longer and beautiful after the application of relaxer, there are dangers of using relaxer which the average Nigerian woman does not seem to understand. Sometimes, as a result of not choosing the right products for the afro hair, one becomes frustrated and starts to pick random products just to achieve desired results. As a matter of fact, some women suffer health issues as a result of ignorance.

It is pertinent to note that while clamouring for lustre, hair type (texture), relaxing kit or product as well as timing play crucial roles. These below are to be considered before applying any hair relaxer on your hair:

Identify hair product (relaxing kit) suitable for hair type, plastic gloves, wooden spatula, neutralizing shampoo and conditioner, hard rubber wide-tooth comb, towel, hair cream amongst others.

Strand Test

Isolate a small section of hair, preferably at the back of your head.

Apply the kit or relaxer on an unrelaxed section of hair. Leave for 8 minutes.

Smooth hair with even strokes.

Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water. Apply a small amount of shampoo and conditioner.

Strand examination should be done and if the hair breaks easily or itching, swelling, or sensitivity is present, do not proceed.

Note therefore that the beautician should conduct the strand test as a professional in the field.

Nigeria’s No 1 Staple Food

Nigeria like many other countries of the world have got an interesting staple food which each and every Nigeria family enjoy. Rice is generally eaten by almost all tribes in Nigeria ranging from the majority to the minority group.

Osikapa as it is popularly called among the Igbo fold and Iresi by the Yorubas, when prepared is a delicious delicacy enjoyed in which ever form it is prepared. It could be ofada or other locally cultivated rice in Nigeria like those cultivated in Ebonyi state, the Eastern part of Nigeria.

During occasions in a typical Nigerian setting, you can hardly go wrong with this food. It can be made jollof or boiled to eat with tomatoes stew or sauce. It also makes a wonderful combo with beans or beans derivative like moi-moi, fried plantain also known as dodo is a good combo as well. One can never go wrong with these.

Procedures for making white rice

2 cups of uncooked rice


¹/² tea spoon salt

Pour water into a clean put and place on your cooker. Allow to boil for 3 minutes.

Add the uncooked rice and boil for five minutes.

Rinse the rice and leave in the sieve whilst water is poured into the pot as well as half a tea spoon salt and placed on the cooker to boil for about 2 minutes.

Add rice and leave to cook for 25 mins.

Food is ready! You can serve with tomatoes stew, egg sauce or any a preferred combo of choice.